A few years ago I was putting the finishing touches on my

layout. Since I didn’t have much time to work on it I would

order a few items at a time. Often, the shipping charge was

almost as much as or more than the cost of the

merchandise. That’s when I decided that when I opened

my website I would charge only the actual shipping cost

plus a small handling fee.


We ship only complete orders. Orders that include both

in-stock and ‘special order’ items will be held until all items

are available and then shipped as one order - unless you

email us with instructions that you prefer that we do not

hold the order until complete. Remember that if you can

wait most special orders are received within ten days and

also that you will incur additional shipping charges for the

second shipment. “Advance“ orders are shipped

separately when the product becomes available.


You can choose from these carriers: UPS or USPS, Priority

Mail, Standard Post, First Class, International Priority.

International 1st Class. UPS often provides the most

economical shipping method on orders over 5 lbs.


Bill’s reserves the right to upgrade shipping from UPS or

USPS Standard Post to Priority Mail. If, in our opinion, the

cost is relatively the same and the service is faster. If you

want only UPS put your preference in the notes section

of the order form.


Exceptions and International Orders


When selecting shipping method be aware there are

certain exceptions: Orders over five pounds are usually

less expensive to ship via UPS; orders to PO Boxes

must be shipped via USPS; 1st class mail may be used

only for packages under 13 ounces with packing. 


International orders sent 1st class have a 4 pound and/or

24 inch maximum length restriction.


Flex Track, Rail and Cork Roadbed


Full cases of flex track or roadbed are shipped separately

from the rest of an order. A second box of the same

dimensions may be taped together and sent as one

shipment. Orders for these items are sent by Priority Mail

(up to 37 inches long) or UPS. They cannot be sent by

1st class mail or standard post.


Excess Fees Paid and International Orders


Important information regarding shipping Fees, On rare

occasions our automated system may show an incorrect

shipping charge. This usually occurs when a customer

orders a number of light items and the system rounds

weight on each item separately, rather than figuring the

weight based on the entire order. We are aware of the

problem and have taken steps to rectify the situation.


Be assured that the final, actual charge will be correct and

that any excess amount paid in advance for shipping and

handling will be credited back to your method of payment

once the order is shipped. This may be especially true with

international orders where the shipping and handling

charges include the currency exchange rate, bank fees and

international postal fees. Again, any discrepancy in what

you submitted for shipping and the actual charge will be

reimbursed once the order is shipped.


Call and I will work with you on getting the lowest possible

shipping charges.