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James Gerrard
Mar 28, 2018
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I waited about a year for these switch machine to be manufactured and as it has turned out it was well worth it. I like them so much I am replacing all my other switch controllers the hand throws, the blue ones and some 1965 double action devices not to mention any names. I hand laid my track rails with 4 spikes per each tie and custom built all the view-able turnouts. So my turnouts are a bit stiffer then the store bought switches and these little RailCrew machines operate as if my switches were store bought. The keeper magnets keep the rails together so tight I don’t need the rail jumper wires, on my DCC layout. The provided wiring hardware is great you don’t need to keep thinking right side up or down. With the wiring plug connector being so simple if you plug in a wire in the wrong location it is very easy to move it. The look of the wiring installation is the same under or over the top of your bench work. In some cases I find it easier to wire up everything above the bench work then slide the motor into position.
I think these RailCrew switch machines are number 1 not number 2 as they hope. I highly recommend these machines to everyone out there. And the best place to purchase is Bills Trains and Track can’t say enough about how great the company is.

Advantages: The other items I really like is the provided momentary switch which is all wired up so no cross wire soldering needed. The additional hardware provided is great and if you mess up a throw or whatever you have spares. They have provided everything (including signals) you need and then some for a 100% complete installation.

Disadvantages: The only thing the RailCrew machines don’t have over the green machines is the slow motion action. The green's/turquoise's are always electrically hot which I don’t like and use a lot of energy not doing anything other than keeping the switch rails in position. In my opinion unless you are standing right there watching the switch you will never see the slow mo anyways. So I like the momentary action of these RailCrew machines. I can wire up all my 40 switches with just one small 12 volt transformer and not have to worry about the hot switches.
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